TRIGENICS® is a revolutionary, high performance system based on neuroplasticity that dramatically
addresses muscular imbalance for transformational results only science can provide. ‘”The missing
element” TRIGENICS unlocks the key to balanced muscle function and pull patterns giving you the ability to
identify aberrant neurological control of muscle function using the patented Trigenics Neurokinetic Mapping
Assessment.. LEARN HOW Trigenics will enable you to determine neurologically weak and short muscles,
teach you how to strengthen and lengthen them instantly and tailor make training programs according to your
findings for maximum injury free outcomes.


Trigenics® Shoulder Seminar

TORONTO, February 5, 2010

Intensive 3-hour course for chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, registered massage therapists, students of Chiropractic and Physiotherapist Colleges and anyone who are interested.

frozen shoulder

Learn how to become

a master diagnostician of shoulder conditions!

Learn how

to treat shoulder conditions for immediate results!

Learn about the science of

Trigenics® Functional Neurology.


  • Neurokinetic Shoulder Assessment DVD Included.

Learn how to analyze and diagnose shoulder conditions within 5 minutes or less and to treat for immediate results within another 5 minutes. You will learn how to become a master diagnostician by systematically drawing a functional neurokinetic map of the shoulder using a specific series of strength and length testing procedures. Shoulder ligamentous or capsular damage and instabilities will be “ruled-in” should they exist and require further investigative procedures. A brief introduction to the science and theory of Trigenics®Applied.

Course Instructed by

Dr. Allan Oolo Austin


Founder of Trigenics®

Sign up for seminar:

Regular price for

Doctors      $299

Students    $149

(includes manual and DVD)

Download registration form here

Tel: 416-481-1957

Fax: 416-322-1593

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