Trigenics® Upper Extremities Course Honolulu, Hawaii

Trigenics® is a revolutionary neurological treatment system that instantly relieves pain and restores function, using interactive applied functional neurology to reset the way the brain communicates with the body. It has revolutionized the way patients with musculoskeletal disorders and pain syndromes are treated worldwide.

• Incredible results 1st visit!
• Augment athletic speed & power
• Core Differentiator
• High Income…Low Volume

Course Fees:

PHYSICIANS: $1,099 Before Dec 1, $1,299 after Dec.1
STUDENTS: $699 Before Dec 1, $799 after Dec.1
Includes 1 manual and 1 DVD

48 CE Credits Co-sponsored by National University of Health Sciences

To learn more and register please contact:

Trigenics® Institute of Functional Neurology
Phone: 001-416-481-1936
Fax: 001-416-322-1593


Theoretical science of Trigenics® followed by methodology of how to
specifically apply the treatment procedures. Participants will learn
applications of functional neurology through overload of sensorimotor
movement regulation using principles of amplitude summation, convergence projection, corticoneural reorganization and neuroplasticity.

Neurokinetic testing procedures are taught using the principles of
orthopedic muscle testing for inhibition or over-facilitation. Related
functional anatomy, neurological innervation, aberrant movement patterns and clinical overviews are discussed.

Attendees will learn how to combine the 3 components of
Trigenics®, resisted exercise movement, distortional stimulation of
mechanoreceptors.and biofeeback breathing. Specific protocols for
treatment of individual muscles are demonstrated, practiced and integrated.

What Are The Experts Saying About Trigenics®?

“Trigenics is the quickest acting and most astoundingly effective technique for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions I’ve ever used!! The neurological model is
absolutely revolutionary!!”
Dr. Rudolf Garza, DC, ND, American Academy of Pain Management, Los Angeles, CA

The Trigenics seminar teaches a system based on neurology and biomechanics that is effective in improving patient outcomes. It is easy to implement into a practice and is highly recommended.”
Anthony J. Criscuolo, DC, DACBSP

Don’t miss out the opportunity! Sign up now! +416-481-1936


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